“My name is Brian Hebbel. I was a senior federal contracting official for 34 years. Since retirement in 2017, created and manage a consulting and training company, BARC Business Advisors, LLC. My company provides consulting and training services to help Government Contractors win more government contracts.

I have been using the services of Strategic Management & Logistics (SML) for over 18 months. SML provides marketing and training support services to my company. SML has a been can-do company, always willing to manage and support the marketing and training support activities. SML’s expertise in marketing and training support services allow me to focus on activities in my areas of expertise to drive new business to my company.

SML use various marketing techniques to bring more customers to my company’s the training events. SML provides marketing on both LinkedIn and Eventbrite marketing platforms that drive attendees to my training events. It is done in a seamless manner. SML is so good at this process, I do not have to review their work. I’ve learned to have 100% confidence and trust in their expertise and knowledge of my business marketing drivers. They provide significant value to my company. As a result of their expertise, my small training and consulting company appears to be a much larger and professional organization, all thanks to the expertise of SML.

In addition, I can’t do without SML on the day of every one of my virtual training events. All of my training events have appeared to have run perfect to the attendees. SML is at each of my training events to tackle challenges in technologies and attendees challenges with a virtual training/technology world. SML has been able to do this in a professional can-do manner. I could not do without SML support services for all of my past training events and continue to use their services long into the future. They have become an integral part of my training platform.

SML has allowed my business to concentrate of what we good at, and not have to worry about technical aspects of marketing and training logistics activities that are not in my company’s wheelhouse of skills. Through our partnership, SML has become an integral part of my business processes that I can not do without. My training colleagues also recognize the value of SML’s expertise, as the 75 training sessions I have conducted over the past year have had SML support to ensure the trainers and attendees see no problems with the virtual technologies.

In addition, SML President, Marney Lumpkin is always and I mean always, a positive force on every training event or support activity for my company. Her attitude is infectious and she never says “no” or “I can’t do it”. When I need an activity completed or have a problem, I know I can always count on the experts and professionals at SML to support my business endeavors.”

Strategic Management & Logistics, LLC