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Services & Pricing


  • Quickbooks online initial set up
  • Receipt and deposits filing
  • Monthly reconciliation
  • Monthly and yearly reporting
  • Audit research
  • Records compiling
  • Invoice creation and processing
  • Payroll via Quickbooks
  • Budget planning

Price: $50/hour

Data Management & Analysis

Basic Data Management & Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Data Entry
  • Basic Database Reporting & Analysis

Price: $40/hour

Executive Administration

  • Email monitoring and administration
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Communications support
  • Attend Webinars and report back
  • Coordination of physical mailings
  • Document Creation
  • Research
  • Note-taking for virtual meetings
  • Create digital and print resources
  • Updating existing instructional resources
  • Presentation design using Google Slides, PowerPoint or Prezi

Price: $40/hour

Training Support

  • Training and Development Outreach
  • Registration and list maintenance
  • Quality assurance surveys
  • Iorad tutorial document creation

Price: $45/hour

Database, GSuite, CRM, and Project Management Support

  • Gsuite Admin Maintenance
  • Database maintenance and reporting
  • Salesforce Maintenance and Reporting
  • Setup, Maintenance and Administration of Slack, Asana, Trello and TeamWork
  • Membership and Subscription Administration
  • Contract monitoring and compliance

Price: $45/hour

Spanish & Russian Translation

  • Documents
  • Speech to Text
  • Personal
  • Website
  • Customer Support

Price: $45/hour

ASL Interpreter Services 

  • Ideal for recurring or last minute appointments
  • Ideal for trainings, meetings and webinars
  • Ability to select an interpreter specialized to the topic
  • Consistently work with preferred interpreters
  • Exceptionally reasonable hourly rates
  • Available outside of business hours
  • For ASL + 175 spoken languages

Quotes Available Upon Request

Support for Seniors and People with Disabilities

  • Setting up and managing Zoom, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams with family and friends
  • Bill and payment tracking
  • Appointment scheduling, tracking recurring events and important dates
  • Research on a requested topic

Price: $40/hour 

Human Resources

  • Job postings
  • Applicant screening
  • Background checks
  • Process of recruitment, including vetting candidates, assisting with and scheduling interviews, and issuing employment contracts
  • Supporting internal and external inquiries and requests related to a HR department
  • Compiling and maintaining paper, digital and electronic employee records, including holiday and sickness leaves
  • Processing payroll and assisting with the documentation of employee compensation and benefits
  • Supporting HR-related training programs, workshops and seminars; Entering employee data into computer database
  • Coordinating logistics for new hire orientations
  • Writing and submitting reports on general HR activities
  • Overseeing HR events and meetings and coordinating management-employee communications
  • Performance Review Coordination

Price: $50/hour

HR Consulting

  • Employment Compliance & Relations
  • Benefit Plan Design & Improvement
  • Training & Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • HRIS Implementation Consultation

Price: $80/hour to $85/hour

Social Media Basic Support

  • Posting pre-written social media messages on various platforms
  • Posting pre-written blogs on various platforms

Price: $45/hour

Social Media Technical

  • Website Maintenance Using WordPress or Wix
  • Social Media Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Keyword Searches
  • Google/FB/Instagram Ad Creation and Maintenance
  • Social Media Analytics Reporting
  • ENewsletter Creation and Distribution
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Create graphics with Canva and Photoshop

Price: $50/hour

Event & Meeting Planning, Scheduling and Coordination 

  • Create event and maintain event using RegOnline, Cvent, Pheedloop or Eventbrite
  • Participant management and chat management during virtual meetings
  • Platform experience in GoToMeeting, Zoom and WebEx
  • Whiteboard Assistance and Polling in Virtual Meetings
  • Meeting room reservations
  • Coordination meeting invites and reminders
  • Food order coordination
  • Attendee list creation and maintenance
  • Assist with training and meeting packets/materials
  • Quality surveys and reporting after the event

Price $45/hr

Content Creation & Editing

  • Creating blog posts based on topic prompts
  • Writing marketing copy to promote products and services
  • Proofreading, re-structuring and editing of articles
  • Updating website and social media pages with new content
  • Crafting and sending out a monthly newsletter via email marketing software
  • Using online resources to research topics and fact check
  • Grant writing and editing

Price: $45/hour

Basic Video Editing

  • Basic editing of your raw footage, including color correction, filters and effects, and other cleanup
  • Adding branded title and end screens
  • Adding stock video footage
  • Creating informational videos using your text or video content
  • Posting online via YouTube, Vimeo, social media, or your website platform


Video Content Creation

  • Video Content Creation Services in partnership with The Strategies That Work
  • Developing unique and engaging marketing videos for small to medium-sized businesses.

Quotes Available Upon Request

Public Relations Basic Support

  • Creating press releases
  • Event promotion (press release, website post, social)
  • Thought leadership blog posts/bylines/op eds/long form LinkedIn posts
  • Creating/editing PowerPoint presentations
  • Creating branded PowerPoint templates

Price: $50/hour

Public Relations Consulting

  • Media training/interview prep
  • Creating media kits (print and/or digital on the website)
  • Act as PR rep for virtual/phone media interviews
  • Strategic communications planning or plan review (for an event, project or yearly plan)
  • Recommendations on marketing/pr/communications plans

Price: $75/hour

Basic Business Coaching: Startup & Mentorship

  • Review your business plan and provide feedback
  • Give recommendations on bookkeeping
  • Provide resources to register your business with local, state and federal agencies
  • Provide connections to gain an insurance policy
  • Give recommendations on building your team
  • Give recommendations on marketing
  • Give recommendations on CRM’s or Project Management platforms

Price: $80/hour

State and Federal Subcontracting

We are available to partner and be a subcontractor on any state or federal contracts. Our support areas include:

    • Bookkeeping
    • Content Editing
    • General Office Support
    • Human Resources
    • ASL and Spanish Translation
    • Social Media
    • Database and CRM Support
    • Event and Meeting Support

Quotes Available Upon Request

FOIA Request Assistance

Our experienced team of professionals specializes in navigating the complexities of FOIA regulations and procedures, ensuring that all necessary documentation is prepared and submitted accurately and efficiently. We handle the entire process, from initial request formulation to follow-up communications and tracking, allowing our clients to focus on their core responsibilities while enjoying the peace of mind that their FOIA requests are being expertly managed.

$200 per request

Strategic Management & Logistics, LLC